Make a unique business card for your company

November 1, 2016 · Print This Article

Your business card needs to be your mini PR tool – that means that when you give it to someone, it needs to present your company in as positive a light as possible without you saying a word. Here are some ideas for business card printing in the Bassonia area and what different design elements say about your company.


  1. Keep it simple with clear text
    This may seem dull, but a simple, clean business card can actually speak a thousand words. This tells people that the information on the card is the most important element of it. There are no “frills” – just the hard facts. This works perfectly for business cards of professionals.
  2. Use the right paper
    Consider how your card feels in someone’s hand. A flimsy piece of paper that bends easily feels cheap, while thick card stock feels strong and firm. A satin finish paper feels luxurious (perfect for the beauty and clothing industries), whilst something textured with an embossed font can conjure up images of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. This type of finish is a great idea for someone in the furniture or hospitality industries. Textures can also make people want to examine the card they’re holding, drawing their attention to it.
  3. Give your card a second purpose
    A great idea for a business card is to give it a job to do. Instead of being a simple piece of cardboard that eventually gets dog-eared and tossed away, give it a second purpose so the recipient wants to hold onto it. It could be a card-sized multi-tool with your information printed on it (great for a handy-man or plumber business) or a miniature ruler for an architect or draftsman.
  4. Above all, ensure it is printed impeccably
    Low-quality printing, off-centre cutting and pixelated logos just send the wrong message right away. It shows a lack of attention to detail, low standards and an overall lack of regard for a job well done. Always use a printing company that does a great job and offers clients comprehensive graphic design services.


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