Make the right impression through your business cards in Vincent, East London

December 29, 2014 · Print This Article

Getting business card printing done is a crucial step in your professional life. Therefore avoiding errors and knowing what consistutes as a rooky mistake can do the world of difference to bettering your professional stance. A well thoghtout business card can go ten times the distance than one which was put together in an unprofessional manner.

You may think that as long as your business card possesses the necessary contact information it will do the trick. Unfortunately, there are a number of classic errors we are all prone to making and it is the small things that could be the deciding factor between a client using your company or one of your competitors.

Top five common business card errors to avoid

  • Small font. If a potential client has to squint to see your contact information, odds are, they won’t even bother. Before you print your business cards, get a variety of opinions on the font size as well as which font to use to ensure your card is legible.
  • Decide ahead of time what kind of finish your business cards require. If you need to give clients information on the spot, it may be best to avoid glossy finishes that cannot be written on.
  • Colour clashes. Make sure the colour of your text is easy to read when placed on the colour of your background. If the text is too light or too dark you will sacrifice clarity.
  • Once a client has your business card, they will most likely go to your website to gain more information. Make sure your business card is consistent with the rest of your company image- for example, your web design– as this is far more professional.
  • Information overload. Do not try and cram tons of information onto one tiny piece of card. Decide what is important and create a sense of interest that will encourage your client to seek further information.

At Minuteman Press Vincent, East London we offer graphic design services that will assist you in constructing business cards that are both practical and beautiful and offer top quality printing at affordable prices.

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