Make your child’s talent shine in a personal booklet

March 14, 2015 · Print This Article

When raising your child, nothing makes your home shine more than their artwork. Why not then bind it in a booklet and be able to showcase their work whener you would like. This enables you to preserve your memories for ever.

As a parent, you love your child and treasure that first finger painting he or she brought home from day care just as much as the certificate he or she received after taking part in an under 13 soccer tournament. The problem is that your child has produced hundreds of artworks in his or her 13 years on earth and has received almost as many certificates for taking part in various activities. You have run out of wall space long ago, and there are many more of these things to come.

So, which of your child’s artworks and certificates do you keep and which should you take down and store in a box somewhere? You are leaning towards the early works and achievements whereas your child is more proud of the things he or she managed to do the day before. Your house already looks as though juvenile expressionists had a paintball fight in it, and although you are proud of your child and want him or her to feel proud of themselves, you’d prefer to unclutter your walls.

The solution is to have these works of art and certificates bound in a booklet which you and your child can page through together whenever nostalgia strikes or your little one is in need of a confidence booster. If you have this done through booklet binders like Minuteman Press Meadowdale, you can rest assured that your child’s creations and certificates will be handled with the utmost care. They can even help you to design a cover for your booklet so everyone will see how special it is to you.

Get in touch with Minuteman Press in Meadowdale and see how we can help you save your memories and make them las a life time.

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