Make your Year-end Event Invitations Unique

October 10, 2015 · Print This Article

Planning a successful year-end event is not a small task. It can be quite a challenge. Planners tend to compete with other event invitations including competitors, fundraisers, vacations and family events which all seem to happen at the end of the year.

Designing the perfect year-end invitation card is important if you want to impress the recipients. So how do you make a killer year-end invitation that everyone keeps talking about for months to come. Here are some pointers:

Surprise your invitees

The surprise lies in the high level of creativity an invitation carries. It should not hold back on pomp and colour and the theme must be completely unique.  Don’t present a theme that was seen the previous year and may require the creative genius of experienced graphic designers in Kempton Park. Such a provider will help you in printing invitations and making special cut-outs and adding trinkets.

Highlight the High-profile Guests

Events are made popular by a who’s who list. Make sure to arrange for keynote speakers, performers or personalities in advance. They are crowd-pullers as long as their profiles are emblazoned on the invite with graphic design. The attraction may not necessarily be a person. It may be other popular aspects such as a great venue, fireworks and so on.

Make the Invitation Personal

A personalised invitation in the mail or through email, gives the guests the necessary excitement to invest their time to honour the invitation. They feel appreciated and needed for a commemoration which marks the year end.

Thus get the names, titles and spellings correctly. Personal mail box or personal emails should be used for exclusivity if possible.

Remember to remain environmentally friendly and contract an expert who does online design and printingYou can choose to let invitees print their cards off an email to save on costs.

To learn more about our invitation ideas get in touch with us today.

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