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October 18, 2016 · Print This Article

Manuals are a great source of reference and instruction. A great manual effectively reduces the time that you spend explaining how to use your product as well as reducing the time spent by the end users on finding answers. Here are some clever tips from a top printing company in Pietermaritzburg for designing your manual:

Short but detailed

Try to address the instruction or question in a few sentences. A short, to the point, instruction that addresses the question is easier for the end user to digest than lengthy paragraphs.

Contents table is crucial

A table of contents shows how your manual is organised. It guides the end user and helps them locate the answers to the questions they are looking for. It is important to be clear, logical and thorough in the table of contents for your manual, especially if your manual is longer than 10 pages.

Include Examples

Most times, when people see an actual example they grasp the instruction faster and it appears clearer to them. Include examples in your manual of issues they are likely to come across.

Bound to be bound

If your manual is more than a few pages, it needs to be held together in some way or form. For a cost-effective solution, side-stapling can be used. Otherwise you can consider spiral binding if the manual is going to be used in a rough environment where stapling would not hold.

Print manuals with or without colour

Colour always adds extra flair to a manual. It adds depth to pictures and highlights important information. You will need to balance the necessity of full colour printing  with the affordability of black and white copies as it is more expensive, so first get a quote. 

Manuals – simple and easy 

Minuteman Press Pietermaritzburg prints manuals in colour as well as black and white as well as offering helpful graphic design services. As one of the best manual printing companies in Pietermaritzburg and part of Minuteman Press South Africa, you can be rest assured that you can have your manuals printed without breaking the bank.

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