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March 21, 2015 · Print This Article

Does your company need to print manuals for employees or clients? Then you need to hire a leading printing company in Pretoria CBD for the best results.

A manual can also be referred to by the term user’s guide, which in essence is a piece of documentation which will give assistance to people when using or setting up a particular product. It is therefore vital for your manual to be legible as to not create confusion within your client. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new gadget, getting home and realizing that the user’s guide is about as helpful as reading something written in a completely foreign language. This is why you will not go wrong with this fool proof formula to writing a manual.

Create an easy-to-understand user’s guide

By following these simple steps, writing a user’s guide will become easier than you could imagine.

  1. Know your product. While this may be viewed as being an obvious step, familiarizing yourself with your product is absolutely vital if you want to write an instructive manual. IF you are only the writer and do not have firsthand experience with your subject, speak to the pros. Read other manuals which have been written about similar products and just get a feel for what you have to write on.
  2. Break it down. Whether you are writing a simple, one page step by step user’s guide or an intricately detailed thirty five page set up guide, breaking your information down into digestible chunks is vital.
  3. Always follow a logical sequence. Do not put steps out of order. This will only confuse the consumer and result in your company appearing to be unprofessional and nonsensical.
  4. Perform each step as you write. This will give you the ability to see if your notes are actually making any sense. Furthermore, acting out the action at hand will also fuel your inspiration on what content you are writing.
  5. Number each step. This is important not only for the sake of guiding your consumer in a step by step basic manner, but if you need to refer back to a previous point, you can for example say ‘refer to point 3 above’.
  6. Include tips and warning. These can e very useful to people with regards of both what not to do and also how to do something better.
  7. Test it out. Using only what you have now written, follow your steps and see if you understand them or not. See if they help or hinder your process of putting the item together or setting the system up.
  8. Never forget to proof red. Always proof read your manual once you have finished writing it. People naturally make mistakes and it is therefore necessary for us to double – even triple – check our work.
  9. Create a contents table. This is only applicable if you have written a rather large user’s guide which needs to make use of this.
  10. Choose a title. Once you have created your work, you can now select an appropriate title to describe it.

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