Manual printing is a must

September 21, 2016 · Print This Article

Manual printing is essential for you business. Manuals are a comprehensive and step-by-step directory that provides the user clarity on your product. They should provide reference for both beginners and professionals. A manual clarifies how to put the presented information into practice, and teaches how to solve problems.  Read on to understand more about manual printing.


  • Manuals can be used to describe company procedures and instructions in any field.
  • They can be created to explain complex instructions and internal procedures specific to your business.
  • The illustrations in product-assembly help your users understand and adhere to best practice.

Ideas on how to creating your own manuals:

  • Think like the user and focus on the readability.
  • Conduct research on different manual templates to fit your purpose and maintain user expectations.
  • Use appropriately sized fonts. Ensure continuity by using the same font size and type throughout the entire manual template for the purpose of uniformity.
  • You will have the choice of choosing between the black and white copies or full colour printing. Ensure you check your budget before printing as colour copies are more expensive than black and white.
  • Consider inserting full-colour pictures on selected pages and custom design index tabs
  • Select paper that is of high quality, whose thickness is kept to the minimum. Thicker paper will cause the whole manual to be much bulkier and tougher to bind if there are numerous pages.
  • Bind the manual with a high quality and durable bind so that it does not deteriorate over time.

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