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November 19, 2012 · Print This Article

Training new staff is one of the biggest expenses for any company. Usually the new staff member is unsure of the procedures of the company and exactly what is expected of them. This results in a slowdown in productivity and unnecessary errors and stress for everyone involved.

The biggest downfall of companies in general is poor communication skills. Yes, the employee has the skills but if they don’t know how you want them to use their skills then they remain cautious while they figure out the ropes.

The best thing an employer can do to help with the transition of a new employee is to provide concise, step by step instructions, procedures and guides. A well composed training manual should contain all the information relevant to your business and the employees’ role in it.

What info should you include in your training manual?

There should be a short welcome message with a company mission statement. This gives your employee an idea of the company’s goals so s/he can work to meet them. Somewhere in the booklet should be a list of resources and contact information so your employee can follow up if they need more information in any area. The bulk of the training guide should be about the employees’ specific job or division

The ideal booklet is user-friendly with a well-organised index and plenty of headings and subheadings. It is visually appealing with lots of white space and relevant, colour pictures. It should be just long enough to cover the information while keeping it short enough to read comfortably in one sitting.

Training guides work but only if the employee reads them. If you make the effort to publish a visually appealing, easy to read, informational booklet it shows pride in your company If the company makes an effort towards the transition of its employee then the new employee is more likely to take pride in the company.

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