Maximising the function of your postcards

November 18, 2011 · Print This Article

The returns on postcard marketing initiatives can be remarkable when proper thought, planning and distribution goes into the campaign. Postcards can look and feel like a personal invitation – which is a great way to start building a relationship with a customer. Make sure you are using the right message and design to maximise the function of your postcards.

Maximise the function

  • Use the necessary effort to ensure success: Just because a postcard is much smaller than a billboard, doesn’t mean that less work should go into the planning and the creation of the design. It requires an equal amount of effort – if not more – to generate a good response rate.
  • Design for you target market: Know your target market inside out and tailor your design to their demographic profiles (age, language, gender and so forth). Try to take a step back during the design phase and look at the postcard copy and graphics through your target audience’s eyes.
  • Colour: Full colour postcards are a necessity. If you want to capture the reader’s attention, you can’t print dull-looking postcards.
  • Link your postcards to a promotion: If you want to maximise the function of your postcard marketing, include a discount opportunity in the postcards. Tell the reader that the postcard gives them access to a special offer or a reduced price.
  • Plan your distribution: The only way to really maximise the function of your postcards is to make sure they land in the hands of the right people. Whether you are going to post the postcards, hand them out in the street or leave them on a counter in your reception – have a concrete plan about how the distribution is going to work.

Postcard marketing can be the most successful marketing tool you will ever use if you are willing to spend the extra time, money and effort in creating and distributing your postcards.

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