Meadowdale finishing and laminating services will help keep your child’s schoolbooks in perfect shape yearlong!

October 18, 2013 · Print This Article

Every parent knows that their child’s schoolbooks take a lot of punishment during the year, which is why Meadowdale Minuteman Press is offering you affordable finishing and laminating services.

Laminating your child’s textbooks, work books and readers will make them tough enough to withstand daily use and reinforce the covers, protecting the pages inside. This durable protection won’t just keep your child’s homework looking good and their teachers happy, it will give the items a waterproof layer that makes it easy to clean off spills, dust and any marks from sticky fingers and crayons.

Minuteman Press Meadowdale’s efficient and professional staff will be happy to take on any workbooks and readers you have that could benefit from this great service – and they’ll have them back in your child’s backpack in no time at all!

If you’d like to give their workbooks a really unique and creative touch, ask our staff members about our fantastic finishing services. We can help you create pretty designs and text with embossing or foil stamping to label you’re child’s books in a creative way that they can really take pride in! A great idea would be to involve your child in this fun design process – not only is this a great way to bond with your child and get their creative juices flowing, it’s also a great way to help them to learn to take care of their possessions in a positive and productive way!

Contact Minuteman Press Meadowdale today for more information on our finishing and laminating services.

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