Minuteman Press Alberton explains the difference between litho and digital printing

June 1, 2013 · Print This Article

Litho printing

Litho printing has been around for a lot longer than digital printing. The main advantage to printing this way is that your cost per unit will decrease the more units you are printing. Litho printers are also able to print in spot colour (a form of printing where only one colour other than black is required), which can save you a significant amount of money if you require large batches of prints.

Litho printing also results in an excellent quality prints. Using this technique, images and text can be printed on more than just paper. Litho printing is an effective way of printing on paper, plastics, wood, cloth, leather and a range of other materials.

Digital printing

Digital printing is becoming the popular modern choice when it comes to printing. The first thing that should be noted is that the price per page or document is likely to stay the same irrespective of the volume being printed but is affordable nonetheless.

The great thing about digital printing is that you can change the document being printed without halting the printing press at all. You would also receive your prints a lot quicker if you have them printed digitally. Jobs can be processed quickly irrespective of whether or not it requires customisation of each print.

Considerations when choosing the right technique for your printing job 

  • Quality: If you require extremely high quality prints then litho printing may be the better option. This would also be the better option if you need to print on materials other that paper.
  • Deadlines: If you are in a rush or have little time then you should opt for digital prints because they are much quicker to process.
  • Personalised vs. bulk prints: For example, if you require personalised marketing prints then digital is a better option. If you require prints in spot colour then litho printing is the right choice.

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