Minuteman Press Kempton Park employees complete Level 1 First Aid training

May 24, 2013 · Print This Article

Three of our staff members recently completed Level 1 First Aid training. We feel that having an understanding of first aid is vital in the workplace as you never know when you can help someone in need. Read more about their thoughts and feedback from the course below.

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Minuteman Press - ChristineMinuteman Press Kempton Park sent me on a First Aid Course on the 16th and 17th of May. The first thought that came to mind is: Why? I’m only working in the office!  But accidents happen and by lack of knowledge people can die anywhere around you and by attending this course I realized how little I know.

Thanks to Seesa for conducting the First Aid Course in such an excellent manner.  I will now be able to help preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery on the occurrence of a sudden incident.

Thanks to Minuteman Press Kempton Park to encourage their employees to attend such a course and other training skill courses at Seesa. I’m proud to be a part of your team at Minuteman Press.


Minuteman Press - PatriciaOn 16 and 17 May 2013 I attended the level 1, First Aid Training at Seesa in Pretoria.  Our lecturer welcomed us warmly on the first day and we completed module 1 to 12.

Training was very easy and I enjoyed every session I was taught.  I learned that there are so many things in life people should know about first aid. It was very interesting and I now feel like I can save someone’s life even though I am not a doctor.

I think that every employee and employer should attend this course as it is very important not only in the workplace but also in our normal daily lives.  I hope to attend the 2nd level of first aid shortly so that I can gain more knowledge on behalf of our company.


Minuteman Press - FrancesThis training did contribute towards my knowledge in a way that I can be very helpful to a person in an immediate and sudden life threatening moment.  I can help to prevent an injury and also save someone’s life.

This knowledge I can also apply within my household and with my family.  Now I can also assist and help anyone with compassion and not feel like an outsider when I need to give medical help.

Both my kids are struggling with asthma and with what I have learned I will be able to assist them.  The knowledge I gained is very astonishing

I was scared to become personally involved when coming across accidents, but now I know that a first aider cannot be held responsible when offering help to an injured person. If I can prevent further injury from happening, if I can save a life, the training I received could be life changing to the patient.

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