Mistakes to avoid when launching a direct mail printing campaign

September 21, 2015 · Print This Article

Direct mail printing can be an incredibly powerful form of marketing. This is why making mistakes can be extremely detrimental to the success of your campaign. Naturally, there are certain things which will always pop up as common mistakes, so it is good to make yourself aware of these in order to avoid them. We shall be highlighting a few of the most common mistakes made in direct mailing campaigns below.

Ignoring the core element of this campaign 

The most important aspect of a direct mailing campaign is not your copy, it is not your imagery, most importantly, it is your mailing list. You need to build your mailing list so carefully in order to attain success from any marketing campaign, especially a specifically targeted one like direct mailing.

Not using a letter in your mailing pack 

A sales letter is literally the thing that sends the message home. Sending your client list an appealing catalogue will give them substantial browsing material, but the sales letter will drive the urge home. Therefore, sending out a mailing campaign without these is somewhat superfluous.

Be sure to remain real

Superficial content can be one of the biggest killers of any mailing campaign. The whole purpose of a direct mailing campaign is to reinstate the feeling of humanity into your marketing campaign and content which is lacking the humane whim which can really fall short on many ears.

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