Large Format Printers in Secunda

Secunda isn’t one of the oldest towns in Mpumalanga, but it is one of the most economically significant towns. Built near the coalfields of the province, Secunda’s beginnings stem from the building of ‘Sasol Two’ and ‘Sasol Three’, which are refineries that extract oil from coal. The city has continued to grow and Secunda is now home to 40,000 people (plus another 245,000 who live in the nearby Embhalenhle community).

Printing companies in Secunda that want to set themselves apart from other print shops and graphic design studios have had to invest in specially designed large format printers. These machines are able to produce massive billboards, murals and window graphics. If there’s one way to get your message across in an unobtrusive way, it’s through mega-sized billboards and banners!

Advertising in magazines, on the radio or television may seem like a good way to market your company, but consumers are bombarded with marketing message and they have programmed themselves to avoid ads and sales pitches as far as possible. Every day, we are exposed to thousands of advertisements and anything that can be seen as an interruption is shunned. Large format printing, on the other hand, is something that passer-bys and pedestrians can notice while walking in the street or driving in their cars. This form of marketing is an effective way to reach a large number of people.

Large format printing is done with a commercial inkjet printer that can print up to 2m wide and 50m long. This length and width may seem like a large number, but the inhabitants of Secunda are used to things being larger than life with the 301m tall chimney at the Sasol Plant (which is one of the tallest free-standing structures in the Southern Hemisphere!). Minuteman Press is a large format printer in Secunda – contact us to create clear, eye-catching billboards and banners now!


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