Must-have elements of company stationery

March 5, 2012 · Print This Article

No matter what size your business, there are some items of company stationery businesses simply cannot do without.

Company stationery says so much about you and your business that it would be incredibly silly not to place a heavy importance on designing it the right way, getting high quality print services and ensuring that you have all the necessary items of company stationery covered before you start doing business with new clients.

Company stationery is like placing a personal signature in the business world. Well-designed company stationery gives outsiders all the information they need with just one look.

Vital items of company stationery

  • Business cards. This is probably the most obvious item in your bouquet of company stationery items. While it might be a pocket sized item, its significance is still very important. It is like placing a marker in someone’s mind and it is vital that your business card looks professional, has all the important information your client needs and is in line with your company image.
  • Correspondence cards. These are used for thank you notes and other messages to clients, colleagues or any other person doing business with your company.
  • Letterhead. This is probably the most important aspect of your company stationery as it will be stamped on all communication leaving your office. It will appear on all other items of company stationery and the design should be handled with care and precision.

With all company stationery, it is important to have a unified presentation. Using a standard logo will help to achieve this along with a well-chosen colour scheme and carefully selected graphics.

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