Need business cards in Edenvale? Read these design tips

January 7, 2013 · Print This Article

When you are printing business cards, choosing the right business card design can make a world of difference in the way your business cards are received. Read these five easy tips to design a perfect business card:

5 Graphic design tips for business card


Using colour in the graphic design of your business cards is a great way to add emphasis and attract attention. But make sure that you have a colour scheme that works and portrays your company image in the correct light.


Do not use generic, easily-accessed images from the net for your business cards. Your brand is an identity and the image you use must be high quality and original.


Try to keep your business cards easy to read by sticking to only one or two font types. Make sure you select a size that is suitable and remember to align the text for easy reading as well to avoid your card looking cluttered.


When you are experimenting with graphic design elements for your business cards, it is usually best to keep it clean and simple. You are trying to tell people about your company on a tiny piece of paper, so don’t cram or overload the space.


Stay away from thin or cheap paper. This will show your company in a negative light and prevent you from being taken seriously.

Minuteman Press offers you the opportunity to design the perfect business card for your company by providing a service known as Shop Minuteman. With their large variety of images and fonts, Minuteman Press can provide you the means to solve all business card printing challenges. Contact us for more information today.

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