Need stylish business cards? Here’s how to easily create your own online

March 21, 2013 · Print This Article

If you need stylish business cards in a hurry, it’s time to start using Minuteman Press Sandton’s online design and printing tool, Shop Minuteman. This programme enables you to print everything from business cards and brochures to stickers, labels and postcards online. The best part is that you can also order and pay online, and we will deliver your prints to you for free.

If you need business cards within a short amount of time, our online design tool makes the entire process quick and easy. Simply choose a template, customise the business card and order the business cards online.

Some people feel intimidated by the design process, but our design tool is very user friendly and makes use of a very simple drag-and-drop interface. Here are a few design tips to make sure your business cards look great:

  • Use colour. Using colour in the design of your business cards is a great way to add emphasis and attract attention, but make sure that you have a colour scheme that coincides with your corporate colours and brand.
  • Images. Try not to use generic, easily-accessed images from the net for your business cards. Your brand is an identity and the image you use should be high quality, original and reflective of your values.
  • Fonts. Keep your business cards easy to read by sticking to only one or two font types. Make sure you select a size that is easy to see, and remember to align the text for easy reading as well to avoid your card looking cluttered.
  • Composition. When you are experimenting with design elements for your business cards, it is usually best to keep it clean and simple. You are trying to tell people about your company on a tiny piece of paper, so don’t overload the space.

Minuteman Press Sandton offers you the opportunity to design the perfect business card for your company with Shop Minuteman. Contact Minuteman Press Sandton today!

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