Need to print copies? Here’s what to do if the text has faded

April 4, 2015 · Print This Article

You may be familiar with this situation, you have this very important document which you need to use, but it is so faded and the paper is tearing away along the folds each time you open it. When you try to tape it together some text is disappearing in the folds, leaving you unsure of what to do next. You definitely need to have copies done even though the print is hardly legible. Copying such a document is certainly going to be tricky business, but there are two ways of handling what can be salvaged.

  • The first process is a virtual method called multispectral imaging. The process involves manipulating high quality digital images shot under visible infrared and ultraviolet light, then using photo editing software, the colour levels and contrast are enhanced.
  • The other method is rather manual. A paper conservator can carefully remove stains and other degradation products from the paper using a chemical, which enhances the contrast between the text and the paper thereby improving legibility.

Other Documents needing Special Care

Similar challenges may present themselves if you are copying a document printed on both sides. It can be very difficult to read text on either side. In such an instance you change the exposure settings and thresholds on your scanner or copier. Also when you are copying from a very thin paper it helps to place a dark sheet behind the object; you can even use a white sheet depending on the object.

Minuteman Press in Brits strives to salvage your damaged documents by all means possible. Contact us for all your copying requirements, including large scale-copying, your graphic design needs as well as printing of business cards, manual, letterheads and other stationary requirements.

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