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April 2, 2015 · Print This Article

The travel industry is all about selling. Learning to create amazing travel brochures is one way to ensure your business fulfils its purpose and generates income, but what does it take to create an amazing travel brochure and what is the purpose behind it? By following these easy tips, you will be well on your way to answering those questions.

The purpose of any printed promotional item, whether a catalogue, pamphlet or banner, is to sell an idea, product or concept to your clients. Travel brochures are there to invite clients to cast themselves into a new world – a dream location which is both exotic and enticing – so you need to design a brochure which will have people fantasising for days.

Tips for designing a travel brochure

  • Opening line. The first thing you need to consider is text. A powerful hook line which grips your audience and draws them in should be top of your priority list.
  • When to introduce price. If you are selling a product which is slightly more expensive, wait to introduce the price until after you have done accurate justice to the product.
  • Target audience. Determining your target audience will go a long way in guiding the travel brochure design process. Consider the priorities of the type of traveller you are appealing to i.e. backpackers vs. families or luxury travellers.
  • Craft your story. It is a good idea to craft a story around what you are selling. Use cultural and educational angles to appeal to schools and student travellers, or if your location is a popular honeymoon destination, put a romantic spin on the information.
  • Highlight attractions. Make sure your audience is well informed on the positive attributes of your chosen destination.
  • Human beings are visual creatures, so sell your destination by including high quality images to tingle their visual taste buds.
  • Including positive testimonials from previous clients is a great way to encourage business and establish the credibility of your travel agency.

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