Newsletters keep your clients in the loop

June 12, 2017 · Print This Article

Keeping in regular contact with your customers is great marketing and public relations. Sending out newsletters is one way to ensure that you maintain good communication with your customers. Updating people on what’s happening in your business also makes your clients feel involved and more connected to your business: it helps you to increase and maintain awareness of your brand’s products and services.


What to include in a newsletter

Basically, a newsletter should include any information that you feel your customers should know about. This could be anything from changes in your company structure to product launch information. A newsletter is also a super way to promote different products and services that are on special or that you would like to increase sales of.


Keep it simple yet interesting 

A well-designed newsletter should be easy to read, not contain too much information and have an appropriate image per section. The design should be streamlined: like a newspaper front page, with large headings and a defined layout. Your newsletter should also be branded to tie in with your company’s logo, stationery and visual branding.


Digital or printed?

We live in a digital age where everyone has email. The problem is that emails are often deleted as soon as they hit a person’s inbox, especially if they are busy with work. If it is feasible, a printed newsletter has more longevity and gives a more personal touch. Customers are less likely to trash a printed newsletter and there is a better chance they will keep it to read when they have free time away from the computer.


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