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February 5, 2013 · Print This Article

Rubber stamp production in South Africabenefits a wide variety of businesses by allowing them to have custom rubber stamps made to simplify everyday office functions. Whether you need return addresses, signatures, “confidential” or “urgent” stamps, the perfect rubber stamps can be created for your individual needs.

Contact us  and our graphic design team can recreate your logo on a customised rubber stamp, insuring that your company’s official documents, envelopes and memos are both professional in appearance and easily identifiable.

Rubber stamps can be made of someone’s signature for the quick and easy signing of multiple documents.  Commissioner of Oath stamps can also be made for the authorising of official documents, such as certified copies and affidavits.

The most popular stamps include:

·        Paid
·        Posted
·        Draft
·        Cancelled
·        Confidential
·        Received
·        Private and confidential
·        Urgent
·        Duplicate
·        C.O.D
·        Not transferable
·        Entered

Rubber stamps for your home

It’s not only businesses that can make use of customised rubber stamps. Here are a few ideas for your home:

·        Keep track of which bills you’ve paid with a simple “Paid” stamp using red ink
·        A customised rubber stamp with your home address on it is useful for posting family birthday cards and letters
·        Use customised stamps of images to personalise and enhance envelopes, letters and school projects
·        A customised rubber stamp for your children’s chore board will help keep track of when they’ve completed their homework or chores 

If you are looking for a reliable, quality professional printing company with extensive rubber stamp productionexperience in Centurion CBD, South Africa, contact us today.

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