Out of the box business card ideas

May 12, 2015 · Print This Article

A business card is only as useful and the phone calls it generates for you. This is why you should start planning outside of the norm and try to think of alternative, thought provoking designs for your business card to ensure you are not left with nothing more than a pile of unusable paper stock.

How to make things different 

To change your business card, you needn’t develop a new strand of paper capable of unfathomable feats. Sometimes, something as simple as a perforation may help. If you struggle with the amount of information you need to place on your business card, why not brand out by designing a credit card sized business card (85x54mm) and attach a small 85x85mm cardboard square to the bottom and perforate it, on which you place a short overview of your company profile. This will then tell your client exactly what you have to offer as well as giving them the ability to tear off your business card and keep it in a convenient place.

Making it work for you 

Your business card at the end of the day is completely your discretion. What you choose to do with it design wise is nobody’s decision but yours. Therefore in the process of creating your card, be sure to stay true to your decisions, as you know best what will benefit your corporate image.

Minuteman Press Kyalami can be there to assist you however you choose. From design to the final product, we can lend our services to you to ensure your end result is second to none. Be sure to contact us today for any queries you may have.