Is printing at work cheaper than outsourcing your printing?

March 7, 2014 · Print This Article

Many people still hold the belief that printing at home is far cheaper than outsourcing to a professional printing company. This is a printing myth buster. MinutemanPress in Centurion CBD explains to you why.

Firstly having your own printer is expensive. If it breaks it needs to be repaired which is inconvenient for you business’s efficiency and expensive. Cartridges need to be replaced, these are very costly and it is a common joke (for good reason) that it is cheaper to just buy a new printer than a cartridge. Paper needs to be bought and stored and unlike industry scale printers, A4 size paper is usually all that is on offer at home or work.

Quality of printing at the office or home is nothing compared to printing quality you can receive at a shop that specialises in printing. Colour, paper quality and the quantity you may need is also better catered for at a printing shop that can handle the capacity and won’t have to replace their cartridge after one big batch of printing. You can leave all the maintenance and overhead worries and costs to us.

Aside from the actual printing, there are many other services printing shops offer. Minuteman Centurion CBD specialises in business communications printing services. We make use of the latest printing and document management technology to handle your product from start to finish. Form brochures, booklets, business cards, flyers, catalogues, posters,  to related services such as binding, design, cutting, lamination and colour copying, Minuteman Press Centurion CBD has it all.

Minuteman Press in Centurion CBD will help you meet all your deadlines, saving you the hassle and cost of printing. If you would like to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you, then contact us or visit Minuteman in Centurion CBD.

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