Pack your presentation folder correctly in Lynnwood

July 13, 2015 · Print This Article

Presentation folders are a great foot in the door for any business. However, knowing how to pck them and what should be included in an imminent part of their success. Whether you are delivering important documents to a customer or handing out marketing material at a trade show or exhibition, presentation folders are the ideal stationery companion. What you have inside your presentation folder will greatly depend on what you are using it for, but generally speaking, there are a few items your folder should always contain.

Here are a few musts for your business card:

  • Your business cards – this is one of the most important features within your presentation folder. Ensuring your potential customers have your contact information on hand is absolutely essential.
  • Booklets and brochures – it is important to carry any brochures and booklets pertaining to your products and services within your folder. Make sure these include all the information a client requires and urges them to make further contact with you.
  • Pen and paper (notebook) – this can serve a dual purpose. If you are carrying documents in your folder for yourself, you never know when you might need a pen and paper. In terms of marketing, if you are handing your presentation folders out, it can be quite useful to provide your target audience with branded pens and paper too.
  • Presentation CD or DVD – this is important if you have any digital marketing relating to your business. You can even have your presentation folder designed to include a pocket or area to hold the CD or DVD in place.

Who to call on for help in Lynnwood

At Minuteman Press in Lynnwood we can design and supply you with presentation folders in any colour and size of your choice. In terms of printing, we can offer single ink, embossed or foiled options.

For any help you need in the making and packing of your presentation folder, be sure to contact Minuteman Press Lynnwood today.

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