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March 9, 2012 · Print This Article

When designing company stationery, it is common to focus all your efforts and attention on the logo, slogan, fonts, images and other visual design aspects. While these are all important aspects, it often leads us to forget the importance of the paper the stationery is printed on.

Company stationery is an effective method of marketing because it gives your company a public identity, but the paper plays as much of a role in creating that identity as any of the other previously mentioned aspects. You can receive the most beautifully designed letterhead, envelope or business card, but if it is printed on cheap, shoddy paper, your first impression is definitely not going to be a positive one!

What to consider when selecting paper for company stationery

  • Texture. A paper that has a different texture may add an extra bit of spunk to your company stationery, but it is important to select carefully as your texture needs to correspond with your company image and the overall design and layout of your logo.
  • Colour. Be very careful when choosing coloured paper for your company stationery as it may throw off the design you have chosen. Colours may clash or come out looking different when printed on coloured paper.
  • Gloss. A glossy finish is never a bad thing, especially if you are working in the corporate world. It gives a professional image to the client and is great for business cards as it makes the paper more durable.
  • Weight. Heavier paper will always look and feel more expensive and professional than thin, wispy pages.

It is important to take your budget into consideration when selecting paper for your company stationery, but remember that a little bit extra spent will reap massive benefits for you company name further down the road.

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