Personalise by using Variable Data Printing (VDP)

December 11, 2012 · Print This Article

Ever wondered how some of the printed invoices, invitations or Special Offers that you get through the post are addressed to you personally, by name?

That is called variable data printing (vdp), where you provide Minuteman Press Cresta with a MS Excel spread sheet containing the individual contact details, and they will merge it with the appropriate document template.

If you do any of the following, variable data printing can enhance the effectiveness of the document and lift the image of your company:

  • Address sheet inserts for bulk mailing, address labels to stick on envelopes.
  • Conference name tags and course certificates.
  • Calendars, greeting cards and invitations.
  • Hard copy statements.
  • Special Offers.

Variable data printing is not cost effective for single prints, for example 1 certificate, but when you need to print 50 or more invitations, etc., VDP can be more cost effective than manually inserting different names, titles, addresses, etc.

Simply provide Minuteman Press Cresta with a MS Excel spread sheet with the data in appropriate columns and a pdf version of the master document and we’ll do the merging of the data and the document for you. If you would like us to design the master document for you, that can easily be done, and if you want the merged product in electronic version (pdf file) rather than printed had copies, that can also be supplied easily.

Contact Minuteman Press Cresta if you have any questions on the way to apply Variable Data Printing to your specific needs for expert help and advice.

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