Personalised t-shirt printing for your event

December 22, 2012 · Print This Article

Making use of t-shirt printing in Menlyn to promote your company is a fun and unique way to get your brand out there. Once you make the decision of using t-shirts to promote your company, Minuteman Press can help to bring your vision to life. They make use of the latest technology to produce high quality and effective branding t-shirts for their customers that succeed in acting as extremely valuable marketing tools.

There are various techniques utilised by Minuteman Press that they use to pull off successful t-shirt printing. Each technique creates a different look and feel to the shirt, so you’ll need to be clear on which technique will work best for your company and the marketing requirements.

Following is a bit more information on the printing techniques used by Minuteman Press:

  • Screen printing: Screen printing is normally used with wholesale t-shirt printing. A screen will be created with the various images, graphics and script on it. While it might be expensive to set up the initial screen, it will be a cost effective solution to use if you have bulk printing orders
  • Undercoating: Undercoating is the process of having white ink printed onto a darker shade shirt. The bright colours will then be printed onto the white. This is another popular and affordable way to go about t-shirt printing
  • Discharge ink: Should you want to print light colours onto dark shirts then you can use discharge ink in order to remove existing colour from the fabric. This printing technique provides an extremely silk-like smooth finish, unlike other techniques which could leave you with a rather rough finish

There are various other types of printing methods available which you can discuss with Minuteman Press. For high quality and affordable t-shirt printing contact Minuteman Press in Menlyn.