Planning and printing process of a Wedding invitation

July 29, 2016 · Print This Article

The big day is here and the flower arrangements are perfect, the colour and theme is whimsical and dreamlike and your guests are arriving in perfect attire to enhance your special day. Thanks to your perfect wedding invitations, your guests are able to get a feel of the theme and tone of what to expect.

Besides the groom, the wedding invitation is a non-negotiable must-have to make sure that your special friends and families are there to share in your special day.

  1. Decide on a wedding style: This will be a big hint for your guests to know what the formality of your wedding is. You should know what kind of event you are throwing, Classic, garden, beach, formal, ballroom – the list goes on – so be sure to be very specific when designing your wedding invitation.
  1. Choose your colours: From the beginning of working on your wedding day the colour theme will be important. You will incorporate this colour pallet into every aspect of your wedding planning. When printing your invites keep readability in mind when choosing font colours.
  1. Know your dates: Make sure that your wedding date is known and confirmed by your suppliers, caterers, official, photographer and wedding venue. Confirm with the caterers when they will need the final head count so you can leave the correct RSVP date on your invite. Your guests need to know to save the date for your special day.
  1. Know your budget: Take into account the cost of printing your invitations in your entire wedding budget. Find out about printing techniques and paper qualities from your printing supplier to help you keep within budget.
  1. Choose your paper and size: It is your wedding – you can do what you want to. Go crazy and creative with your design. Show off your playful, loving relationship, or keep it modern and traditional if the mood requires. Remember: postage on heavier bulkier invites will be more expensive for those living abroad.
  1. Proof them: One more non-negotiable element to printing your wedding invites is checking them and rechecking them. You will be surprised the things you may miss. There’s’ nothing worse than sending out an invitation to a hundred guests and they all arrive a year early for your special day.
  1. Choose a great printing company: Minuteman Press Vincent East London has the expertise, knowledge and love for designing and printing wedding invitations. Creating a memorable image for your wedding with an integrated system of wedding programs, invitations, reception cards and more.

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