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December 25, 2012 · Print This Article

Posters are still considered to be a powerful marketing tool. With the correct poster printing in Bellville you can benefit from this popular marketing strategy, but only if your design is done properly. In order to design and print an effective poster you need to keep aspects such as your target audience, the message you want to get across and the images you will use, in mind.

Following is a summary of some poster design and printing tips to help you on your way:

Design tips

  • Design with purpose: Right from the get-go, you need to know what you want to achieve with the poster design. Be specific about the theme and the purpose of your poster. If you are sending out a Christmas poster to your customers, it won’t do to have Easter themes on it, so plan your graphics and content according to what you want to achieve.
  • Know your target audience: If you do the required market research you will come to understand your target audience. This will allow you to design a poster that will resonate with your audience. Housewives and auto mechanics will respond differently to the same poster, so know who you are targeting.
  • Keep it short: Do not stuff the poster with too much info – simply decide on one main message and carry it over effectively. Cluttering the poster with too much text will distract from your overall message.

Printing tips

  • Full colour is a must: Always print in full colour – don’t think you’ll be saving money with black and white poster printing, as the overall impact on your audience will be significantly less and you will just be wasting your money.
  • Use quality paper: This might sound obvious, but many people opt for poor quality paper to save on costs. Be realistic, if you use poor quality paper then your posters will be in a terrible condition by the time they reach your target audience and your message will be lost.

Only make use of professional poster printers in Bellville to get the best return on your investment.


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