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If you are considering designing your own posters, you need to read these tips from poster printers in Bellville. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, you can easily create your own posters thanks to the free, easy-to-use online design tools available today.

During the poster design process, ideas and substance could be lost as the designer might not really understand your brand or message as well as you do. You may have a very specific idea of what your poster should look like, only to be disappointed with the final result from your expensive, outsourced graphic designer. If you’re the type of person that likes to take matters into your own hands, then online DIY poster design is what you should do.

Tips for poster design

The following poster design tips should always be considered during your design process:

  • Always keep the purpose of the poster in mind. Are you selling products, marketing an event or creating awareness for your brand? The goal of the poster will influence the design you choose.
  • Once the goals have been established, you should consider the size of your poster. If you’re printing large posters, you need to partner with a printing company that offers large format printing.
  • All images used in the poster design should be of a high quality. Don’t download free images on Google as you may be infringing on copyright laws. Hire a professional photographer if you need high quality product shots.
  • Keep the type of paper you will be printing on in mind, as different finishes such as gloss or matte will create different effects.

Minuteman Press in Bellville has years of experience in creating eye-catching posters. They will be able to assist you throughout the entire design and printing process. They also have an online support database to inspire you and help troubleshoot any issues you may come across.

For more information about poster printing in Bellville, contact us today.

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