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April 23, 2013 · Print This Article

As a Randburg business owner, it’s easy to see that printing and designing posters is a great way to enhance your marketing campaign – but there are a few aspects of this type of marketing campaign that you should consider.

A lot more goes into a poster design than meets the eye. It is crucial to plan your poster strategically and the best place to start is to set out a list of objectives. Examples of poster printing objectives include creating awareness, launching a new product and promoting an event or special.

After this has been done, a closer look at the product or service is needed to create a slogan or logo that grabs attention and briefly explains what the product is and how it can help your customer. This can be followed by a bulleted list or phrases that tell the reader about advantages and benefits of the use of the product or service.

Connecting with your potential customers 

Ask yourself exactly what you want to achieve from your poster? Once these goals are known you can deduce other important factors such as your target audience and which type of poster would be most appropriate for this audience. The majority of posters are used to advertise, but posters can also be used to convey information or even for entertainment value.

Poster layout is extremely important because if it is too cluttered, it will be disregarded before it is read by your potential customers. Experienced graphic designers or printing stores will be able to give you some great pointers for your poster printing project. Simplicity is the key; stick to a single theme/font/alignment; ensure that the necessary element grabs the intended audiences’ attention and that the information of a product/service, which is conveyed inside the poster, is written in a smaller font than headings and pay-off lines.

When you make sure your poster is the right size, easy to read and eye-catching, your marketing campaign will get great returns.

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