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January 9, 2013 · Print This Article

Printing posters in Germiston is not supposed to be a very difficult process, but there are many people who still commit common poster printing mistakes as they aren’t aware of the common pitfalls they need to avoid.

The type of paper you decide on, the colours and finishes and the brief you give to the printers all impact the final result of your posters. Poster marketing can be a powerful marketing tactic to use in your marketing strategy, but only if done properly.

Mistakes to avoid

Following is a list of some of the most common poster printing mistakes to avoid:

  • Making use of black and white posters: Many people prefer using black and white posters as it is considerably cheaper than printing full colour posters. The problem with this is that you won’t receive the same returns on your investment as with full colour posters. This is a proven fact and it means that you will actually be wasting your money if you decide to cut costs by not printing colourful posters.
  • Covering the poster with too much text: Using too much text on the poster is one of the most obvious poster printing mistakes that many people make. Using too much text will clutter the poster and your entire message might get lost in a sea of words. It is simply best to make use of your words sparingly and concentrate on one message to carry across.
  • Making use of cheap paper: Although it might be tempting to save on costs, using cheap paper is one of the worst poster printing mistakes you can make. Cheaper paper means weaker posters which will lead to the poster not lasting long enough to impress your target audience once it arrives.

Avoid these and other poster printing mistakes by partnering with a professional printer in Germiston

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