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The human body is ruled by the five senses and in advertising, sight is the main sense to be stimulated. Colour copies allow for a far more pleasing visual experience than black and white, which is why it pays to spend just little more money on printing something which will bring aesthetic joy to potential customers.

Colour is shown to boost human comprehension by 73% meaning your potential clients are far more likely to understand and pay attention to the message you are giving them. Efficient and clear marketing leads to increased communication and thus a relationship between customers and your brand.

Benefits of colour copies

The attention grabbing properties of colour copy, as opposed to plain monochromatic colours, means that colour copy is far more effective for advertising and promotions. Customers are far more likely to take an interest in a brochure or pamphlet with vibrant, eye-catching colours and are therefore more likely to pay attention to the message you are sending out.

Colour is a brilliant way to influence consumers in a world where competition in business is fierce. People make associations based on colour and so it can be used to immediately plant a first impression in either a good or bad way. For example, using the colour green could create an impression of nature and an eco-friendly business.

Colour is also terrific when it comes to brand association. Once you have chosen a colour for your brand and begin building a name for yourself, the public will be able to recognise you from a distance. It is important to remain consistent with the colours you have chosen in order to make this association effective and boost advertising and sales.

At Minuteman Press Hyde Park, we offer digital printing and the highest quality colour copies for business marketing. Our list of services is extensive and we pride ourselves on delivering at world class level. For more information or a quotation, contact us.

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