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April 27, 2015 · Print This Article

For a business to make money it has to spend money. Unfortunately not all business owners are privy to this truth or in some cases they are simply unwilling to accept it. In an effort to cut down on costs the quality of company stationery tends to become one of the first victims. In a situation where colour copies would have been the ideal, they resort to desktop printed black and white copies.

Promote Company Image

The image of any company is dependent on the printed materials it uses for its business activities. It may be for marketing campaigns or materials for promotions and advertising. Compromising the quality of materials is likely to impact negatively on your operations. You will certainly get better results by using professional providers of colour copying services.

Avoid a Double Loss

No one is going to take a second look at a dull black and white flyer or poster. It pays to invest in professional colour copying in order to get the attention of your customers. It would be a double loss to pay for large volumes of cheap copies that no one is going to pay any attention to. You don’t only lose the money you use to make the cheap copies, but you also don’t get any returns.

In-house Copying not Ideal for High Quality Materials

If you have invested in a copy machine for your office it’s usually one that prints in monochrome and is not suitable for high quality materials. Your inkjet printer will take forever to print marketing materials. It saves you time and ensures quality to use professional colour copying service providers.

Engaging a professional colour copying provider opens up new opportunities for you as you get to connect with fellow business people using the same services.

There is no doubt that investing in colour copying can achieve better results for your business than cheap quality copies. Minuteman Press in Sandton offers high quality, large volume colour copying and printing of all your corporate stationery and binding of copied material. Contact us today for further information.

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