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April 29, 2015 · Print This Article

Whether you need or don’t need a Newsletter for your business marketing strategy is a no brainer. If you are serious about reaching your customers with a tangible message, a newsletter is the way to go. It’s easy, it’s cost effective and very effective if properly produced.

Like in any professional enterprise, there are some dos and don’ts when creating a marketing Newsletter. Let us look at a few of them.

Carefully consider what you name your Newsletter. Don’t just adopt your company name and pass it on to the Newsletter. Make it more catchy and marketable. A good trendy name endears itself with your customers and helps you to retain them and entice more readers.

Some magazine publishers make the common mistake of filling up all the pages with adverts. Nothing is more discouraging than a newsletter with nothing to read. Throw in some well-written stories and some entertaining articles. They increase shelf life and give integrity to your sales strategy.

Your articles should be written in such a way that they talk to you customers as opposed to talking at them. Writing in the Third Person, using simple words and avoiding abbreviations makes this achievable in most cases.

Any editor worth the title will tell you the most crucial activity before printing of a Newsletter is proofreading. Nothing is as frustrating as seeing a glaring error long after your Newsletter has hit the shelves. Not to mention the damage this can cause to your brand. Get as many people as you can to proofread your draft before going to print.

Always choose the most sensational article for the front page. Your headlines and pictures on the front page must pack a punch. It is like dangling a carrot, and if your customers take a bite they are more likely than not to want another and before they know it, they are flipping through the pages.

There is certainly more to the creation of an effective company magazine. Minuteman Press in Witbank will give you professional services in graphic design and printing not only for your Newsletter, but also for your letterheads, business cards, manuals, presentation folders and also handles your large-volume copying. Why not contact us right away for all your stationery needs.

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