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April 6, 2015 · Print This Article

Any business will benefit significantly by fully utilising custom made envelopes. Each time you send out mail is an opportunity to present your company to your customers and prospective clients. There is no better way to utilise this marketing opportunity than to use customised envelopes, even if it’s just your company logo imprinted on the envelope. This will certainly keep your brand alive in the market place. There are several ways in which envelopes can be used creatively to promote a business

  • Print the company’s name, motto or logo on the outside of the envelopes you use for all your correspondence.
  • Ensure all correspondence that goes out of the company carries your brand name.
  • Make the envelopes attractive and unique so they can stand out and capture attention.

Using customised envelopes helps visibility of a company. The more times people see your name in print, the more it gets implanted in their minds. Next time they need the kind of services you offer they are more likely to pick your envelope first from the pile.

Add Special Features to the Envelope

Customising envelopes does not only mean printing your company identity on them, you can take it a step further by designing an envelope with special features such as windows for the recipient’s address and the sender’s contact details. The design of the envelope should be guided by the nature of the company, what product you are selling and the kind of image you want to portray.

Customised envelopes have always proved to be one of the best promotional tools for businesses. Getting professional printers to design and print your envelopes will go a long way to get your name out there.

Minuteman Press in Centurion designs and prints customised envelopes in any quantities. These are professionals who will work with you through every step, starting with graphic design, ensuring you get envelopes you will be proud to send out. Contact us now to discuss your marketing needs.

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