Printers at Minuteman Press Menlyn

March 14, 2016 · Print This Article

printers in menlyn

Printers referred to a Person, Equipment or Establishment. A printer as a Person referred to an individual that operates various kind s of printing machines. This could be electronic or mechanical equipment describes as Digital printing or Litho printing. Printing on Digital printers is a direct print from Computer to Printers. The digital print technology has improved with strides and new technology updates are always available.

The Digital Printers has became, more cost effective then conventional Litho (mechanical) printers, although the Litho printers will always have a place in the printing environment for bulk printing. The digital printers can produce printing immediately without any set up time as per Litho printers. Consumers can have there printed products within a short period of time.

The Printer or Printing company need to have the latest digital equipment to produce quality and in time printing products. Colour is of utmost importance to consumers as this reflects a professional image on the business or individual.

A referral to a printer as person can also be the Owner, Manager or Sales Representative. Commonly referred to by client “as my printer”. Printers of bigger media, refer to as Large Format printers is utilised for Banners, Flags, Wall paper, Canvas, Vinyl and Posters. These Machines work on an ink jet system with quick drying ink and run direct from computer to printer. The quick drying solvent in the ink allow the product to be ready for use within minutes after printing. These printers are widely distributed by Roland, Epson and Zerox.

Wall paper printing has become very popular and the client can choose or design a custom image for wall placement. The overhead road and road side banners can be printed and replaced quickly. The same printers are utilised for the branding of vehicles. These printers can cut and print vinyl and customised print can be done on vehicles.

Printers and printing has become assessable to all with the arrival of digital printers. Technologies allow the Printers to become “one-stop shops” and “park and print” establishments.