Printing has come a long way in recent years

March 27, 2014 · Print This Article

A great printing myth busters is that many people think that printing needs to take long. This is certainly not the case any longer, thanks to fantastic technology taking over the industry.

No people, it does not. In fact, these days it can be done in almost no time at all!

For example, if you need to have business cards made, you’re probably thinking that the fastest anybody will be able to get it done is, say, 24hours. And that’s only if you happen to get really lucky and some super-efficient company just happens, at that exact same point in time, to have no other jobs to complete and therefore will be able to start right away and focus solely on your order.

That means that if your business has a change of address, or you created a website or your title changed, you won’t be able to give out your business card. Worse, you can give it out, but then have to explain why you are scribbling different information in your terrible handwriting and that all just becomes embarrassing and, frankly, counterproductive.

But, don’t despair. Minuteman Press Silverton, Pretoria East is able to achieve this magnificent feat while you wait. They’ll even offer you a nice cuppa just to make sure that the short time you do spend with them is as nice as possible. All you have to do is supply the graphics, sit back and relax and they will have those business cards ready before you can wipe that foam moustache from off your upper lip.

On the other hand, for those out there who are worrying because they don’t even have the graphics yet, there is no need to despair either. Minuteman Press has in-house graphics designers that can help you design a business card too.

Contact us today to learn more about the truth behind printing myth busters.

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