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Richards Bay is a beautiful and busy town along the KwaZulu Natal coast. At any point during the year the town is bustling with tourists, visitors, social events and economic activity. Printing companies and other businesses in the area supports Richards Bay’s busting economy and helps local business keep its doors open. The beaches of Richards Bay are beautiful and relatively untouched, despite the constant flow of people through the town.

The Rich History of Richards Bay

Richards Bay was originally earmarked as a temporary harbour in 1879 during the Anglo-Boer War. After this, the area grew into a settlement and then firmly developed into a town. Its name derives from Sir Frederick Richards, the Commodore in charge of the original temporary harbour.

Sir Richards chose the spot, which was to be the original Richards Bay, for the harbour because of its consistent wind factor, deep water and the safety factor of the area. Today, Richards Bay ships out most of the coal exports from South Africa. The town is also equipped with a fertiliser plant as well as two aluminium smelters.

Part of Richards Bay’s appeal is “Industrial Tourism,” playing on its natural resources including its beautiful wildlife, pristine beaches and fascinating marine life.

Printing Companies in Richards Bay Supporting Local Business

Minuteman Press in Richards Bay provides state of the art printing services to local businesses in the area. As one of the leading printing shops in Richards Bay, Minuteman Press’s many printing services makes available the very latest and most cutting edge printing services available on the market.

Some of these services include:

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