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November 4, 2014 · Print This Article

As an entrepreneur, your business card is your most valuable tool, which is why you need to invest in professional business card printing in Brits. A business card will offer your clients a sense of security and trust provided it looks professional and displays the identity of your brand.

A well designed business card will leave a memorable impression in the mind of your client and at Minuteman Press, we aim to make your vision a reality with a wide variety of various products and services to choose from. You can rest assured your every need will be met by our efficient and highly trained team.

4 Tips for memorable business cards

  1. When you hand your business cards out at expos or trade shows, it is important to realise how many other business cards from other companies your potential clients will receive. You will elicit some form of response, either good or bad, from the business card that you leave. Therefore, see how it compares to those offered by your competitors.
  2. Standing out. It is of upmost importance you get your business card to stand out against the grain. This can be achieved by choosing certain colours, different sizes to everybody else, or even selecting an unusual lay out.
  3. Creative Enhancement. This is where it is time to think outside of the box. What elements of creativeness can you bring to your business card which no body else has? Why not incorporate graphic design elements or make use of a different material to print it on. Make a brail business card by means of embossing. The list is endless, get your creative cap on and start thinking.
  4. This is probably the most important step of all, for its all good and well to have the coolest business cards on the block, but if you fail to hand them out then that is just a waste. Know where and when to hand your newly designed unforgettable business card out and start getting the response you have always wanted.

Minuteman Press Boksburg has both the equipment and the expertise to make your business cards truly unique and memorable. Find out why we are the industry leader in our field and the number one solution for all your printing requirements. Contact us today!

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