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If your company is hosting or participating in an exhibition of conference, you need all the right conference materials in Cape Town to stand out from the crowd. We’ve compiled a checklist of some of the things you need to keep in mind.

By investing in quality conference materials you will surely be able to provide your business with the best quality branding needed to convert prospects into new customers. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Invest in great branding for your business


Host organisations need to provide nametags for attendees (if it is a closed event) and participants. These nametags need to clearly show the name of the person, the organisation they represent and can include details of their function (visitor, speaker, journalist, etc.) and a photograph for security purposes.


Host organisations will require large, PVC rope-hung banners to announce the event and direct attendees from outside the venue. Within the venue, x-frame banners can be used to point the way to facilities, halls and exhibits. For companies attending the event, x-frame banners can be used to showcase your stand, products or speaking event.


Essential for assisting guests in planning their attendance, detailed, easy-to-read programmes should be freely available at the door. Hosts can simply provide details of different events taking place and directions to different halls or can create custom, high-gloss programmes which include speaker details, articles on high-profile attendees, advertising material and more. These should be available at the door on the day of the event.


Participants in corporate conferences and tradeshows should ensure there are plenty of brochures available at stands and presentations which showcase their relevant products and services. These brochures should also be placed in presentation folders to ensure guests walk away with all your information.

Presentation folders

If your company is presenting at the event, ensure there are sufficient presentation folders for each guest. These can contain all sorts of promotional branding material, details on your presentation and contact information for you company.

Business cards

These corporate events are significant networking opportunities where your representatives will be touching base with hundreds of useful business contacts. A well-designed business card, available at your stand, from you or in your presentation folder, will give your contacts an eye-catching way of remembering you.

Minuteman Press in Cape Town offers you the best quality conference material available today. With fast, friendly service, leading print technology and an expert design team, we can assist in planning and creating high-quality branding material. Contact us today or more information.

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