Use High Quality Presentation Folders to boost you company image in Brits

August 3, 2015 · Print This Article

You need to present an impressive image to your target audience. This will bring success to your business. This means that absolutely everything from the way your employees dress to what your presentation folders look like is vitally important. You might not think something as simple as your company stationery can have an effect on your business image, but it most certainly can. If you are handing over files or documents to customers in tatty, worn out folders or in no protective folders at all, chances are they are going to start questioning your professionalism and just how much pride you take in your business and services.

Consumers make a direct connection between how a business conducts and represents itself and how they will essentially treat their customers. If you take the time to design and print high quality presentation folders to hand over to clients, you will be ensuring they know just how importantly you take their business and just how much pride you have in your own.

What are the essential elements to be included in a high quality and effective presentation folder?

  • The folder should be designed of a durable or sturdy material or cardboard so that it won’t bend, fold or become damaged/worn too easily.
  • Print the folder in your business colours and ensure your logo is included. This will help towards promoting/advertising your business while the folder is carried around.
  • Include your contact details on the folder for easy reference.
  • Incorporating business card slits is a great idea as you can insert some cards for your client and also provide them with space to carry their cards.
  • By ensuring the folder is highly durable and attractive in design you can ensure your customer will continue using the folder after your business is concluded. To promote this, include some pockets or straps to hold paperwork and documents firmly in the folder too. The more convenient the folder is, the more likely it is to be used.

Minuteman Press in Brits is where you can order High Quality Branded Presentation Folders

At Minuteman Press in Brits we pride ourselves on being able to create and supply our customers with top quality branded presentation folders. These folders can be made up in any size and colour of your choice with the following printing options:

  • Single ink print
  • Embossed
  • Foil stamped

To find out more about our presentation folders and how they can benefit your business image, contact us at Minuteman Press in Brits today.

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