Are quality rubber stamps gaining new ground in stationary?

April 16, 2014 · Print This Article

More and more businesses in Menlyn are realising the brilliance of making use of quality rubber stamps. The myth that rubber stamps’ time has come and gone does not exist anymore, because many businesses are realizing on a daily basis the important part that rubber stamps still play in the business community.

Rubber stamps actually still have a very important place in the business community. Before you angrily close this page and dismiss this as absolute hogwash, pause. Breathe. Consider this:

Remember the last time you had to pick up something from the drycleaners and you needed the slip back to prove to the taxman or your boss that you didn’t spend the money on a movie and a bag of Nik Naks? Remember there was this little device sitting on the counter, the lady or gentleman reached out her or his hand, took hold of said thingy, held it over your slip and pressed down? And lo and behold! Suddenly the words PAID appeared in nice friendly red letters. See? Rubber stamp in action and in a business. Who knew? Rubber stamps have more uses than just the usual “PAID” or “DONE” action. Signature rubber stamps are gaining a lot of popularity!

And it’s not only at the little drycleaners around the corner where rubber stamps are coming in handy. Although they are particularly useful for SMEs, they also still have a place in big businesses.

Quality and durable rubber stamps from Minuteman Press in Menlyn

This old school technology is just as relevant today as it was years ago. You can enjoy the many benefits that this technology has to offer you and your business and still gain a lot of returns on your investment from buying one of these rubber stamps for your company. It is also now easier than ever to have custom designed rubber stamps made.

If you have ever wondered about the many uses of rubber stamps in your business and what choice would suit your business best, then contact Minuteman Press in Menlyn today for a quick and easy solution that will leave your business look more professional!

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