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April 1, 2015 · Print This Article

Many people may be under the misconception that newsletters are no longer relevant in the technologically based 21st century. As a business owner, it would be a grave mistake for you to agree with them.

Newsletters still fill a vitally important communication need due to the fact they offer direct communication between business and client. Although there are a number of ways for clients to connect with businesses online, newsletters offer a more personal touch and help make clients feel more important and connected.

Five benefits of newsletters:

  • Keeps you in mind. Although we would like to believe that our clients’ think of us all the time, sadly this is not the case. Newsletters serve as that very necessary reminder of our presence in the minds of clients.
  • Creating intimacy. Newsletters create a sense of intimacy with clients as they provide the opportunity to share information about what is happening both within and outside the company.
  • Newsletters offer the opportunity to achieve an expert status in the eyes of clients. The more information and tips you offer in the areas which you are most knowledgeable in, the more clients see you as a credible resource.
  • Compared to other methods of advertising and promotion, newsletters are incredibly cost effective when it comes to the design and printing process.
  • Brand control. Newsletters offer you complete control over the content, the method of delivery and all design elements giving you the ability to target the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Minuteman Press Tygervalley, Bellville, offers top quality printing services for business newsletters at affordable rates. We also offer world class equipment, staff and software to assist you in the design and printing of a variety of other important business elements such as catalogues, brochures and even website design services.

Partner with Minuteman today and learn how quality printing can benefit you. Contact us for more information.

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