Save costs with High-volume, customized sticker printing

September 13, 2016 · Print This Article

If you are looking for a cheap form of marketing with a huge return on investment consider stickers. They are often overlooked as a form of print marketing. Here are a few creative ideas from top graphic design specialists at our printing company in Sandton to include high-volume, affordable customized sticker printing in your business marketing plan.

Reward Stickers

Most businesses have a frequent shopper card. Car washes and coffee shops are a perfect example of this concept. This is usually a piece of cardboard that they punch holes in or mark with a pen. If you print stickers or create a sticker book for your client, your frequent shopper programme will look more professional and there are also a lot more creative avenues to explore. Sticker books for kids are a great way to involve young children and their parents, keeping the whole family coming back for more.

Customised Packaging

A simple well-designed sticker on a plain packaging can create high-end branded packaging for your business. Use the stickers with your logo to create a seal for envelopes or boxes to increase the perceived value of your product. This way all product packaging, from envelopes to boxes are in line with your company branding.

Fun free advertising

Think about giving away stickers to your clients to use for free. There is a way to include your logo or company name in stickers that the whole family can use. For example, Book label stickers for kids when they go back to school, Christmas or birthday stickers to peel and stick to gifts, or even thank you stickers. The list goes on! This is a great way of boosting the advertising potential of your business.

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