Save money in 2015 by outsourcing colour copies in Hyde Park

February 10, 2015 · Print This Article

Running a small business successfully always comes down to clever spending – even when it comes to colour copies! We’re measuring up the pros and cons of doing your own colour copies in-house rather than at a professional printing company – and here are the results:

  • Cost: Always a priority factor, the cost of in-house printing is often thought of as far cheaper than visiting a printing company. In reality, this just isn’t the case. Store-bought copiers are very expensive if you want to produce a high-quality result – and if you’re not going to use it often, you’re not going to get your returns. Additionally, ink for these printers is very expensive, so if you are considering high-volume jobs, you need to keep that in mind. Printing companies have significant buying power and have access to industrial printers that output excellent quality copies. This allows them to make colour copies at very affordable prices – whether they are high or low volume jobs.
  • Equipment: Unless you’re buying very high-end (and expensive) commercial copiers, the chances are that your local printing company has far superior equipment. While your printer may run out of ink, wear out over time or overheat, their printers will churn out your copies – even in very high volume orders – without the slightest hassle.
  • Design: Unless you have your own graphic designer, your copies will be limited to the colours and text of the original document. Minuteman Press in Hyde Park has its own graphic design team that can assist you in modifying your copies, should you require it. This way, you can bulk print copies with a colour or text variation without having to contract an external designer.
  • Efficiency: Office copiers take a lot of strain when it comes to high volume jobs, something that can seriously affect your company’s efficiency. Minuteman Press in Hyde Park can take care of any volume of copies you require, printing them in record time, which is great for last minute jobs and – as a bonus – delivery is completely free! This leaves you and your staff to keep working on core business activities without any printing hassles.

As a result, it’s easy to see how your small businesses can benefit from using a professional printing company for colour copies rather than purchasing your own equipment. Contact us today and discover how affordably we can make your colour copies!

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