Self-Inking Stamps and the Future

September 4, 2016 · Print This Article

Bang! Bang!

When was your last visit to the post office? Notice the vigour with which the staff bang their stamps on the ink pad, and then on your document? The same can be seen in police stations and government departments across the country. At Minuteman Press in Cape Town, we prefer a lighter touch with our self-inking stamps.

Stamp it out

The most common image that comes to mind when mention is made of a self-inking stamp is of the industrial strength stamps used at banks and passport control. While the same information needs to be printed over and over, it’s not possible to print on your deposit slip or passport by means of a printer. Not only are self-inking stamps useful for repeat information, they can also be designed to change certain info, such as the date. Imagine how much time these nifty little devices save around the world every day?

And now to the future

As we yearn for a more peaceful way of life, so the trend all things vintage has flourished. Nothing is more nostalgic than a beautifully designed, personal stamp:

  • Seeking a unique wedding gift for that special couple? Look no further than an artful return address self-inking stamp. A perfect celebration of the official union.
  • End of year teacher gifts just way too corny? What about a custom self-inking stamp along the lines of, “Mrs Watson says *Well done* Keep up the good work”?
  • A little bookworm in the family? A self-inking stamp stating that “This book belongs to Annabel” is a gift that will last for years to come.

Don’t let the spectre of sullen administrators limit your imagination. The possibilities are endless when you open your mind to bespoke self-inking stamps. For a quote on self-inking stamps and other professional printing services and products you may need get in touch with us today.

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