Self-inking stamps save you time and money

May 18, 2017 · Print This Article

Do you have to write and rewrite the same thing over and over again during your business day? Whether it’s a return address, your initials or even just a stamp of “approval”, self-inking stamps can save you a great deal of labour and time.


Self-inking stamps have a self-contained ink pad that transfers ink to a rubber stamp when a downwards force is applied. There is usually a spring mechanism that flips the stamp over so that when it meets the surface to be imprinted, a clean impression is left behind. It’s much less labour intensive and time-consuming than using a separate ink pad and far easier than writing things out by hand or even printing. In addition, a self-inking stamp is cost-effective as the ink pads are affordable and easy to change.


Here are just a few uses for self-inking stamps:


  • Concerts, festivals and other events

A self-inking stamp can be custom made using a club or festival’s logo, providing a simple solution for verifying that attendees have paid their admission. For night time events, UV ink can be used which can be seen under UV lights.


  • Return address

Tired of writing your return address on the back of envelopes? Printing business stationery to include a return address can be costly. A pre-made self-inking stamp of your company’s address is a simpler solution.


  • A few simple words

Whether you need a stamp that says “thank you”, “approved”, “paid” or “return to sender”, self-inking stamps are very useful for marking documents that have been processed.


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