Special Wedding invitations for such a special day

February 18, 2016 · Print This Article

Your wedding day is perhaps the most special day in your life. It should therefore be treated as such. It’s a day that you are going to spend with family and friends and the invitation you are going to send them needs to be the best that it can be.

If everything else is done to such meticulous detail, why not send a quality invitation that will be seen by your closest family, friends and business partners?

Printing your wedding invitations takes great thought; colours of the text, images, texture of paper and the font are all key to creating an aesthetic and durable card.

Below are some tips on creating the perfect wedding card:

The font – Keep the font for your card classic, clean and legible. The phrase “less is more” works very well here as you do not want an invitation that is too “busy”.

Colours – Choose a colour that is best suited to both the bride and groom and that compliments them as well as the paper that it will be printed on. Get advice on the best types of ink to be used. Different types of cards use different types of printing methods. Some use litho and some use digital.

Images – Images are not a common sight on wedding invitations, but if you are to use one, ensure that you pick one that is of superlative quality. The last thing anyone needs on their big day is a pixelated photo.

Texture of paper – There are various types of material to print wedding cards on, you can have a matte finish, a gloss finish or embossed for that matter. Depending on the type of wedding, the need for durability etc. one may work better than the other.

Contact Minuteman Press in Port Elizabeth Newton Park to get a beautiful wedding invitation made at a cost tailor suited to your budget. Get professionally printed invitations within your budget.

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