Starting your own business? You need NCR book printing services from Minuteman Press Port Elizabeth CBD!

October 30, 2013 · Print This Article

When you’re opening your own business, you want to start on the right foot, that’s why you need NCR book printing from Minuteman Press Port Elizabeth CBD. NCR books, or ‘no carbon required’ books, are a staple in any business as they allow you to make multiple copies of invoices quickly, cleanly and clearly.

Unlike carbon books (which are a bit old-fashioned these days), these books won’t smudge. They also won’t lose clarity the more copies you make, so your customers will have all the details they need on a perfectly clear, professional looking form. Not only does this suit your business’s image of professionalism and competence, it also ensures that there are no miscommunications and loss of important information.

You may think that this is a great idea, but surely your computer and printer can take care of all this? While computers do seem to be the way of the future, they aren’t quite up to standards when it comes to accurate invoicing. While they can clearly print multiple copies quickly, they are an expense that your business may want to avoid. Printers use up ink quickly and are pricey to replace, while making multiple copies of documents is time-consuming and far less cost-effective than using an NCR book. Not to mention that all of us have experienced the annoying and unprofessional lapses in computer technology – from power outages and load shedding to a printer that’s complicated to set up and just won’t work! With an NCR book, you can avoid all that hassle and your business can keep on running smoothly.

As a new business, you’ll also be looking at ways that you can advertise yourself so that your business grows. Help your name, services and location stick in your customers minds with affordable customised NCR book invoices that have your logo and information designed on it in full colour.

For more information on affordable and practical NCR book printing in Port Elizabeth CBD, visit our website or contact Minuteman Press today!